4 Places Where You Can Seek Help With Social Studies Homework

Although mathematics and science are normally thought of as the hardest subjects, some students have a difficult time in social studies as well. Due to the nature of this subject, students may be required to memorize geographical information, write essays or study key points in history. To get ahead on social studies homework, students should use the following four places for help.

Podcasts, Webinars and Documentaries

There are a number of history documentaries and podcasts that are available online. Listening to one of these programs will give the student a background in social studies and a solid understanding of specific historical time periods. Since these programs are often created to entertain, they are typically much more enjoyable to watch than a classroom lecture. Students can try listening to an entire series about a historical time period, or they can focus in on a specific event that they do not understand.

The Library

In the age of the Internet, many modern students look online for their information instead of going to the library. Although books may take longer to read and sort through, they have a wealth of information that can help the student. The library will contain additional books on social studies and guides for writing essays. From looking up paper examples to finding research materials, the school's library is an invaluable resource for students. If the student needs help finding a specific book or subject, they can always ask the librarian for help.

Use Office Hours

College professors will always have set office hours each week, and high school teachers will normally have a free period during the school day. During this time, the student can go to their professor to ask for extra help. This time is dedicated exclusively for students, so individuals should make sure to take advantage of it. The professor may be able to clarify a difficult subject or offer the student advice on where to find research materials.

Hire an Online Tutor

If the student is struggling significantly in their social studies class, they may want to hire a tutor online. There are tutors available throughout the world, so students can find someone who is available at the right time of day. Since the tutors work from home and often live in cheaper countries, they will normally charge a lower rate than an in-person tutor. With online tutoring, students can get the personalized help they need about specific school subjects.