Why No Homework In Public Schools Is A Very Bad Idea

Students always tend to run always from homework. It might be the burden after all the other school work like essays, assignment and projects that they need to do so any work after that related to studies seems quite touch and boring to them. But one cannot deny the usefulness of homework. It is needed as students are needed to practice whatever they have learnt in school. If they don’t cover them at least once after coming back from school then they would forget the entire work.

Studying after coming back from school should be made compulsory so that the students could revise whatever they have learnt from school that they and can also be a bit ahead for the next day’s schedule. For that they need to come back and sit with the homework that has been given to them in school by their teachers.

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Now a day there has been many such new concepts that homework is an excessive burden for the school students and it should be banned from public schools. Is it morally right? Should not the parents oppose this? Even they have passed those hard work years in school so why should their children escape the hard work.

Importance of homework:

Let us talk about the top most reasons why homework should not be banned from public schools.

  1. It helps to improve the functionality of your children’s brain.
  2. It leads to the development of positive study skills and it would tend to help them in future for the rest of their working life.
  3. It encourages children to use their time generously.
  4. The concept of independent working grows in your child.
  5. It teaches students to be responsible towards their own works.
  6. The main thing is that it helps your children to review whatever has been taught in class.
  7. Makes your children one step ahead for the next day’s work in school.
  8. Libraries, computer website and other places of resources get common to your children when they have to deal with their daily homework.
  9. It helps your child to focus more on the thing that have been taught in class.
  10. Children learn to apply new skills with more practice of works.
  11. Another important thing is that parents get to see what their children are learning from school every day. Thus they can assess the standard of the school too.
  12. Parents get the chance to communicate with their children on matters of studies.