How To Create An Effective Homework Schedule For Kindergarten

Kindergarteners are visual learners. They learn more effectively by seeing things. With this in mind, everything that is taught to a child should emphasize the visual aspects. Since their muscle memory, brainpower and cognitive abilities are just developing and taking shape, the visual presentations that are seen by them create a great impact and have a lingering effect. This will also enhance their comprehensive abilities later in life. So a great way to design a homework schedule would be to engage them in exercises involving visuals. Below are some examples:

  1. Mathematics:
    • Put 20 $1 coins in a piggy bag and ask them to count the amount of money in it
    • Count the number of people in the house including the child as well as the number of rooms
  2. English:
    • Give them a bunch of alphabet crayons and ask them to pick only the As
    • Ask them to pick the words that start with B from a children’s storybook
  3. General:
    • Create a chart of 5 items with squares of equal size and make them write any 5 letters or words
    • On a fresh piece of paper scribble anything in 5 different colors and name them
  4. Nature:
    • Take them for a nature walk and name the things that they see and make them write the ones they remember after the walk
    • Make them count the number of kids they see along a walk back home from school
  5. Bedtime
    • Invest in a list of bedtime story books and make them choose one each day and read it aloud to them as they go to sleep
    • Create a bedtime routine list and make them tick it one by one as they complete each task every day

The above are some of the tasks that can become part of the schedule. The key lies in choosing the relevant ones every single day of the week based on what has been taught that day in school so that it re-emphasizes what they learned during the day. Another vital element is making them do the homework in an engaging manner by making the tasks interesting so that those tasks don’t turn them off. Rewarding them for each completed task is also a great way to kindergartners WANT to do homework and complete the tasks on time.