Question Of The Day: Is Too Much Homework Bad For High School Students?

Homework - a term that means torment for most students. Many are the time that we categorize such students as lazy. To some extent that’s true but at the same time it may not be true. Is it really healthy, academically or otherwise to load up a high school student with homework? Does it always work for the good of the student? To help us get an answer to the question of how good homework to these students, we need to look at the issue from different area of a student’s life.

Mental strain

The mind o f a student is the key to how much a student performs. As much as homework keeps the mind of a student thinking academically, too much homework would keep a student glued to h or her books thus giving his or her brains less time to be free. This will automatically result to stress for the student. It is only fair to judge that a stressed student is a less productive student. I the final analysis you will end up losing an otherwise smart student in the name of homework.

Less social time

“You can’t go anywhere before finishing your home work.” That is a common phrase to students from parents. This simply means, you can only have a social life after you are through with your homework. A student having a lot of homework will hence have less or no time with friends and family. Similarly, since extracurricular activities come second to homework, the student will end up doing none which will intern mean we are sacrificing his or her talent in the name of homework.

Health problems

Since homework is done after school hours, most students with a lot of homework end up being depraved of sleep which could result to major health problems. Headaches, exhaustion are some likely health problems you will find in overworked students.

Less of revision personal study

In every class there are a number of students who have different weaknesses. For a teacher to give revision homework, he/she would have to look for a topic which challenges most students and give it as homework. This method will mean that other topics with minority weaknesses would be revisited. If the homework is too much, it would mean that a student with a different weakness will not have time to study the topic he/she is weak at.