Homework Policy In Secondary Schools- Essential Tips To Remember

Even though homework is a pain, it is not given just to torture you. There are some really good reasons why you are given homework and it definitely is not to give your teacher something to do at night. Here are some essential tips to remember when you start thinking that your homework is a pointless waste of time and energy.

  1. Homework was designed to give you a chance to practice what you have learned in class. Most people can’t just watch something done a few times and convert all of the concepts and steps to their memory permanently. They need to apply the concept to retain the information. That is why after you learn something, you are asked to go home and practice it.
  2. It is a great evaluation tool for your teacher to decide whether she needs to continue to teach the concept again or move on. If nobody can complete the homework, then the teacher knows that she still has to work on it. She may have to find a different way of trying to get your class to understand so that you can learn it.
  3. Everyone learns differently. Therefore, your teacher tries to teach the same thing many different ways to make sure that more students learn the concepts and are able to apply them. If she only uses one method, she isn’t really being fair to everyone and probably the majority of the class. Now when she tests you on the subject, is it really fair to flunk half or more of the class.
  4. It is a great evaluation tool for yourself. If you think that you can whip through the assignment without a problem and you get home and can’t remember how to do it, you have a tool that lets you know what you still have to work on. It is a great way for you to know what you need to ask for more clarification on.

If students understood the reasons behind homework and if it was handled correctly, man students wouldn’t mind it so much. It is unfortunate that some teachers give it as busy work, take forever to get it back to you so you can’t reflect on your mistakes, and don’t use it to gauge where the class is at. You can however gauge yourself no matter what the teacher does and know what you still need clarified.