How To Deal With Complicated Homework Issues In Middle School

In middle school, students aren’t used to so much homework. All they’ve known in the younger grades is having one teacher for everything, and minimal assignments. Now in middle school, with multiple teachers giving homework that have varying deadlines and time commitments, it can seem hard to keep up. Even one missed project can really drag down the grade of a good student. If your child is dragging their feet and not wanting to do the work, it can be difficult to get them back on track. Keep reading for more ways to deal with these complications easily.

Tips for doing middle school homework

Negotiating with your son or daughter about work often works better than arguing or ordering it be done. You can help them see how even five minutes can make a huge difference in getting started on an unpleasant task, whether that’s paying bills or writing an earth science report. Students of this age needs a skillful strategy but they also need your empathy. Helping them to organize the materials needed for the homework and walking them through those first five minutes of work can make a big difference for good.

Adjusting to the new workloads could be a lot for your child to process, and they may need help along the way. Putting a reward system into place is a great way to encourage them until they can find the motivation and satisfaction of finishing a project on their own without a “bribe”. The best rewards are ones that your child comes up with that you also agree to.