7 Ways To Relieve Stress If You’ve Got Too Much Homework

Students complain about homework. That’s just a fact of life. Regardless of age or grade level in school, students will complain that they have too much work. And they will always come up with an excuse as to why they didn’t get their work done. “Back in the day” it was the proverbial dog who was accused of eating the fruits of the student’s home labors. In the 21st century, the “go to” excuse is a faulty printer.

Sometimes there are valid reasons for incomplete homework. Some students struggle to complete the assignments given to them. It becomes a stressful situation for the student when the amount of work seems overwhelming. To help relieve that, here’s some tips for relieving the stress over home assignments:

  1. Own it. The first step toward dealing with a load of homework is to accept responsibility for it. You have to accept that the assignment is yours to complete, and yours alone. Adopting a “get ‘er done” attitude will start the process toward completing it.
  2. Write down the assignment. This may seem like a no-brainer but it is a simple tool that is often overlooked. A planner or designated section in a notebook is a good way to keep it organized.
  3. Make a designated space. Whether you have a separate office space or you simply commandeer a corner of the kitchen table, make it clear to everyone around that this is your work space. Let them know you’re working and don’t need to be disturbed. And be sure to tidy up the space when you’re done.
  4. Don’t put it off. While it is tempting to wait until the last minute, that is not a wise practice to employ in getting your assignments done. Waiting until the night before it’s due will only compound the stress you’re feeling. When you get an assignment, start on it that day.
  5. Pace yourself. Let’s face it: some assignments are more important than others. If it is an assignment that can be done without a tremendous time investment, do what you need to satisfy the requirements of the assignment, and be satisfied with that. Don’t try to overkill every assignment. Sometimes good enough is good enough.
  6. Don’t fight the feeling. You don’t have to like doing homework; you just have to do it. If you’re having a hard time working up any degree of enthusiasm for the assignment, don’t try to get it all done at once. Do some of the assignment tonight, then work on it again tomorrow.
  7. Avoid distractions. When it is homework time, make it all about the homework. Turn off the phones, the social media and ignore the friends. Once the assignment is done, then you’ll have time to waste online.