How To Stop Procrastinating Homework: 5 Simple Tips To Follow

Homework can be so hard to start after a long day at school with very little breaks in between. Many student are very capable of completing their assignments on time if only they could find the will power to begin. Here are 5 easy steps to follow that can help with procrastination:

  1. Just do it
  2. Sounds like not much advice, but it can prove quite effective. Most procrastinators intend very much to eventually get around to doing their work and they usually do. If a student could find ways of reminding himself to simply sit and begin working immediately upon arriving at their living quarters, they can eradicate procrastination all together. A phone application or a simple reminder can do the trick.

  3. Join a group
  4. It is very difficult to lapse when in a group of peers dedicated to completing their assignments on time. Search around the school campus to find a group of students with similar academic needs and join their company. The designation of a specific time and place to complete assignments should prevent any form procrastination, just make sure you attend the sessions.

  5. Rewards for completion
  6. Depriving oneself of a pleasurable activity until all homework is completed can help with the hesitation to begin studies. Discipline yourself to hold off on that game of sports or practice time with your favorite instrument until all required academic tasks are completed.

  7. Give yourself shorter deadlines
  8. One of the major reasons people procrastinate is because they find ways of convincing themselves that they still have enough time to complete a particular task. You can eliminate this illusion by giving yourself imminent deadlines to keep. Upon arriving home, allow for an hour to take care of personal needs, then get to work to meet a deadline set two hours from then. Your time scheme does not have to be exactly this, you can set times to suit your situation, what’s important is that you stick to the schedule you have made.

  9. Complete the homework directly after class
  10. In this strategy one doesn’t allow oneself the chance to procrastinate since they are completing the assignments before ever leaving the compound. You may not be able to use a classroom after school but libraries are sure to be available for use. Libraries also have the added benefit of providing you access to various forms of educational information.