Top 5 Reasons Why Homework Should Be Banned From School

Admittedly, students hate doing homework. While it is true that completing assignments may help students have more chances and time to deal with their lessons, still, most of them find at-home school-related tasks as burdensome and something that prevents them from enjoying life.

Here are top 5 reasons why homework should be banned from school:

  1. Students spend the whole day at school so if they still have some assigned tasks to do when they go home, this will stress them instead of motivating them to study harder. For sure, they prefer to use the time after school for some leisure time with the family. Everyone wants to rest and unwind after a long day.
  2. Assignment may have students finishing assigned tasks incorrectly. In addition, doing assignments in class is necessary and convenient especially when trying to learn something new. You can ask the teacher or classmates to assist you when you need some help. But, at home, a student could be working on content incorrectly and if family members aren’t able to help them, they need to wait till they return to school to obtain some required assistance.
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  4. Assignments can make things troublesome for students who are preoccupied with part-time jobs and after-school activities. These days, students are expected to do multitasking. In reality, this is a good thing in motivating students to be productive and more active. However, some students feel so exhausted after long hours of schooling. Students have other responsibilities too and doing assignments can make things even more complicated.
  5. Parents, teachers and students would certainly agree that assignments are a waste of time. Nearly all people think and feel that finishing school-related tasks is useless when they have been in class the whole day doing the same things. What is more, such assigned tasks may be more favorable to students who need to improve their grades or those who require extra credit.
  6. Assignments do not instill pleasant habits. They only teach students that they need to study harder or else they will get failing grades. They actually do not motivate students to become self-directed and they do not enrich a desire to learn. They only force students to compete with stress.

When school-related tasks become a stressor, this will definitely decrease a student’s achievement in school. When students reach the point of being so stressed because they need to deal with plenty of school deadlines, they will more likely to lose focus on their studies. This will result to poor grades and the student may also lose interest in his or her studies.